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All graduates of Little Rock Central High School are automatically granted membership in the LRCH Alumni Association; no dues or sign-up are required!  The Alumni Association strives to connect its members with each other and with the current happenings at Little Rock Central High School through social media, email newsletters, reunion promotion, and special events.  Like us on Facebook and sign up to receive email notifications to start begin your journey of connection with the LRCH Alumni Association.

The LRCH Alumni Association operates from generous donations from its members.  The LRCH Alumni Association is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  All donations to the Association are fully tax deductible.  Please consider a donation to the Association to help fund operating expenses and to enable the Association to make gifts to LRCH for important events including Project Graduation and other events that help welcome the newest Tiger Alumni! 

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  • Vice President: Charlie Wood (1967)

  • Treasurer: Veronica Williams (1989)

  • Fatima McKindra (1998)

  • Jasmine Medley (2005)

  • Jamilyn Noble (1989)

  • Justin Richards (2006)

  • Lee Thompson (1983)

  • Sanford Tollette

  • Clarke Tucker (1999)

2018 Board of Directors

  • Jim Allison (1967)

  • Melanie Bradford (1968)

  • Lottie Keaton (1982)

  • Mary Lou Medlock (1956)

  • Robert Fureigh (1965)

  • Robert Gee (1950)

  • Beverly Griffin (1971)

  • Sharon Heflin (1964)

  • Mary Katherine Henderson (2004)

  • Marion Humphrey (2006)

  • Ann Ivey (1960)

  • Bruce James (1980)

  • President: Bryan Hall (2004)

  • Secretary: Tonya Hooks (1991)

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